Quality Policy Statement

Resolute’s Testing Laboratories is committed to the highest possible standards of testing.  Ensuring impartiality of test results to stated methods, we are dedicated to the fulfilment of our customer requirements for quality of service.

To achieve the above, we have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 17025.  We are committed to providing testing that meets the needs of the customers and the requirements of ISO 17025 and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Management System.  All test results are reported within stated limits of accuracy and precision, fully validated as fit for purpose, as described in the methods used for analysis.

We have established the following key points of the Quality Policy to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System:

  • Tests are and will always be carried out in accordance with established procedures and requirements of our customers, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of all test performed.

  • Tests are performed by suitably trained and qualified staff. Opportunities for staff to extend their knowledge and gain relevant qualifications will always be provided.

  • All our employees are and will be impartial when performing activities related to the operation of the Testing Laboratory. Employees will be regularly acquainted with the quality management system documentation, adopting the highest standards of integrity and workmanship.

  • All equipment used is to be fit for purpose, properly maintained and calibrated.

  • Resolute will safeguard full traceability throughout the specimen handling process, ensuring specimen assembly procedures and environmental conditions do not affect the result.

  • Internal audits and other checks will be routinely conducted to ensure the quality system continues to comply with requirements.

  • Resolute will continually seek to improve communication, both internally and with clients, ensuring information is made readily available as required.

  • Resolute will monitor subcontractors and suppliers to ensure quality standards are not jeopardised.

  • Resolute will maintain and continually improve the Quality Management System of the Testing Laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025.

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