Smoke Testing (Air-leakage)


Fire door assemblies have been utilised for decades to protect openings in buildings where fire-rated construction is deemed essential. These doors are evaluated for their fire performance in accordance with the requirements of AS1905 Part 1: Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls – Fire-resistant doorsets, as per the test methodology outlined in AS1530 Part 4: Fire resistance tests of elements of building construction.

In more recent times, ‘smoke control door assemblies’ have been utilised to limit the spread of smoke through door openings. These smoke control door assemblies either meet the deemed-to-satisfy requirements of the NCC Specification C3.4, or are tested in accordance with the design requirements of AS6905: Smoke Doors, as per the test methodology outlined in AS1530 Part 7: Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures. Part 7 – Smoke control assemblies – ambient and medium temperature leakage test procedure. The latter representing a Performance Based Alternative Solution (permissible under the NCC), allowing industry to specify smoke doors with a quantifiable level of performance.

Performance testing

Smoke (Air-leakage)

Resolute Laboratories can offer ambient and medium temperature ‘smoke’ (air) leakage testing in accordance with AS1530.7.  The objective of this Standard is to provide a method of test for determining the smoke leakage through separating elements and assemblies.  It applies to situations where there is a need to quantify the potential smoke leakage through a wall or floor opening that is protected by service penetration systems, door or shutter assemblies, damper assemblies, joint systems and the like.

The test methodology involves fitting a full size assembly, (for example a door, including all essential hardware), to an approved test chamber in which temperature and pressure conditions are controlled. Ordinary air is used in the chamber, simulating the carrier gases of real smoke. Pressures are applied and resulting “leakages” through the test assembly are measured to determine its effectiveness as a barrier to resist smoke. Measurements are taken at pre-determined periods that provide leakage data for the tested specimen.

When testing smoke control assemblies at medium temperatures, these results are compared to the maximum permissible leakage rates found in AS6905, for single and double door assemblies at prescribed temperature and pressure differentials.

As per the guidelines set out in AS6905, side-hung smoke doors tested at medium temperature must be tested opening towards and away from the heated enclosure unless the direction of exposure can be clearly identified.  Resolute’s smoke leakage facility provides a unique offering to meet this Standard requirement.  We can offer single doorset testing in both opening directions at the same time, saving you having to set up for two separate tests to cover both opening directions.

Our facility

The facility consists of a lined, steel test chamber, with heat-resistant, airtight seals installed around the aperture perimeter.  The test specimen holder is clamped to the chamber upon commencement of the test process.

The test chamber has an internal opening of 2480mm (w) x 2460mm (h), whilst the specimen holder is able to accommodate specimens up to and including a maximum 2280mm (w) x 2360mm (h).

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